• Day 1: Sofia – Govedartsi

    We meet you at Sofia Airport and take you to the village of Govedartsi, where we shall have four overnight stays.

  • Day 2: Govedartsi – The Seven Rila Lakes – Govedartsi (6-7hrs; 16-18km; +1100-1300m/-1100-1300m)

    Today, we tour the famous Cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes. A shady path takes us through an enchanted spruce forest to the alpine part of the mountain whеre the Lakes are. In good weather, the views from the highest part of the route to the Lakes, which fall below us, are impressive.

  • Day 3: Govedartsi – Malyovitsa – Scary Lake/Yonchevo Lake or Mount Malyovitsa – Govedartsi (5,30-6hrs; 12-14km; +880-1040m/-880-1040m)

    The Malyovishka River valley is the starting point for our climb to the Strashno Ezero (The Scary) Lake or else to the summit of Malyovitsa (depending on group fitness). Either trek is particularly beautiful and picturesque, opening up unexpected surprises from the alpine area of the Rila.

  • Day 4: Govedartsi – Borovets – Mount Musala – Borovets – Govedartsi (6hrs; 14,50km; +690m/-690m)

    Today’s adventure is dominated by Musala, the Balkans’ highest peak at 2925m/9596ft. The entire route passes Cirques, lakes and mountain shelter huts, with the rocky face of Musala in view the whole time. Once there, the view over a sea of jagged ridges, peaks, and valleys is truly something you will never forget.

  • Day 5: Govedartsi – Sofia

    Transfer from Govedartsi to Sofia Airport.